Many seniors will find themselves on the hunt for a new hobby at some point or another. Whether they’re newly retired or just wishing to face a new challenge, chess is a great option.

It is not only a fun game but also great for one’s health: various studies have shown that playing chess helps to strengthen logical reasoning and problem-solving amongst the elderly and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Even two people who regularly play against one another will continue to learn and push one another cognitively.

Besides, chess is a game designed to be played in pairs and therefore can be a great way to socialize, strengthen the sense of connection and combat feelings of isolation. The act of playing the game and challenging brain through problem-solving can also improve mood and relieve stress.

Chess is also a game that many seniors play. This means that seniors can often find chess clubs to join. Such clubs provide a great connection between people of the same age.